Hey, we're Rewind Resale! We're happy to meet you. :)

Reselling your clothes with Rewind Resale is a fantastic and easy way to swap your clothes for cash or store credit. Not only do you get new cool clothes or cash, your business with us help save our planet by reducing clothing waste from our landfills. In fact, we've managed to save over 21 billion tons of clothing from going to waste.

We operate two stores in the Greater Vancouver region, both have slight variances to the reselling process and styles of clothing accepted.

Rewind Main St
2331 Main St

Rewind White Rock

129 - 1959 152 St

Types of items accepted street/skatewear, y2k/90s/00s, casual clothing contemporary, unique, and luxury clothing
Payout Cash buy-out (30%) or Store Credit (40%) Consignment, available in cash (40%) or store credit (50%) 


To learn more specific info of each location, check out the links below!

Reselling @ Rewind Main St

Reselling @ Rewind White Rock