We have compiled some of our frequently asked questions below. Please send us an e-mail, or call any of our locations you're planning to visit for other inquiries!


Q: What is your return policy?
A: All transactions are final.
Q: Can you hold things for me?
A: We only hold items until the end of the day.


Q: Do you take things like houseware, books, toys, electronic devices etc?
A: We only take clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and accessories.
Q: Do I need an appointment to sell my clothes?
A: No appointment is necessary at any of our locations.
Q: When can I bring in my clothes?
A: Whenever we're open, we're buying. No appointment necessary.
Rewind Resale, Main Street: 7 days a week, 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Rewind Resale, Commercial Drive: 7 Days a week, 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Rewind Resale, Surrey: Tuesday - Saturday, 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Q: What kinds of items do you take?
A: Our locations differ slightly in terms of style, with Vancouver locations focusing more on streetwear and casual clothing, while Surrey focuses more on contemporary and luxury fashions. For a good idea check out the following links: Vancouver/Surrey
Q: What condition should my clothes be in?
A: New, gently used, or good condition. Vintage and workwear pieces may still be considered in used condition.
Q: Can I send you photos of my items for estimation?
A: While we accept photos to determine if your clothes may or may not fit our style for the store, we do not do online estimations for your items. Please bring your items into one of our two locations for a quote.
Q: Why do you hold luxury products I bring in?
A: This is to determine product authentication and market value research. We want to ensure all of our products are authentic and at a reasonable price not only for you but our customers as well.
Q: How does trading my clothes work?
A: Trading only works at our Main Street and Commercial Drive locations. This method is not a direct trade (as in garment for garment), but rather through store credit. When you bring in your items, you can trade them for store credit that you can use to buy new items.

Q: Can I drop off my clothes and pick them up on a different day?
A: Yes you can. However, please note that unprocessed transactions will be terminated and donated if not processed or collected after 2 days. (This includes weekends)
Q: Do I need to dry clean my items before bringing them in?
A: Nope! Dry cleaning isn't necessary. Although, garments should be clean and in good sellable condition when brought in.
Q: Do my items need to be on hangers when I bring them in?
A: We love it when you don't bring hangers :D

Q: How fast do I get my payout?
A: At Rewind Resale Vancouver locations, payout is immediate in cash or store credit.
At Rewind Resale Surrey, payout is in terms of consignment, in which cash or store credit is available as soon as your items sell.

Q: Can you donate clothes that you don't accept from me?
A: We can! If you wish to offload all of your unwanted clothing, you’re welcome to leave your donations with us.

Q: How do you decide what to take and what to price things at?
A: With years of hands on experience and knowledge of market trends have taught what will and won’t sell. We make sure to curate styles and set prices that will satisfy both our sellers and customers. Items are priced based on condition, season, label, desirability, resale value, and current inventory. It is important to note that Rewind Resale operates on a “buy low to sell low” philosophy. We believe in making our store fun yet affordable by creating accessible price points for everyone.

Q: Why didn’t you take my stuff?? 
A: Please don’t be sad! We do our best to take as much as we can. We curate styles that fit the Rewind brand, hold value, and will sell at Rewind's retail rate. We buy according to current inventory and what Rewind clientele look for. We may decline items based on surplus of inventory, or if the items do not align with our market clientele. We also decline product if we believe there is better value for you elsewhere. That being said, if we find that your items hold better value elsewhere, we'll often recommend other thrift and consignment stores to check out before going through with us. We strive to make our store accessible for anyone who wants fun clothing at reasonable prices. We understand that certain stores have different price points/styles, so we want to make sure that you get the best payout for your items, even if it’s not with Rewind. 


Q: How do I use my store credit?
A: When purchasing your clothes, tell the cashier your name on file and we'll apply the store credit. 

Q: Do I need to redeem my store credit right away?
A: Not at all. You can save your store credit to use at another time, or accumulate more store credit by bringing more items in. 
Q: Does my store credit expire?
A: Store credit doesn't expire.
Q: Can I use my store credit online?
A: Unfortunately no :(