Reselling at Rewind Resale Main Street Vancouver


At our Main St location, we source CASUAL Y2K/90s/00s, SKATE and STREETWEAR items.

We do not take formal clothing, children's clothes, fast fashion brands, high end luxury designer, or minimalist contemporary clothing.

There is no minimum requirement of items to bring in at Main Street, but we recommend bringing in more for a bigger payout.

Payout is done up front and available in cash or in store credit. 


  1. Bring your items in during our operating hours, no appointment necessary! (7 days a week, 11:30AM - 6pm).
  2. Items are evaluated and priced based on condition, label, desirability, and current inventory. *We cannot guarantee that we will take any of your items.
  3. Once completed, we determine and calculate the total buy value of your items. The payout for your items is available at 30% in cash or 40% of the in store credit.

NOTE: Our resell price point is very competitive and this will reflect in your total payout. We believe an accessible price is very important and necessary especially in Vancouver. We look forward in helping you do your part in uplifting the Vancouver thrifting community and providing accessible fashion to marginalized communities. We encourage you to do your own research on the number of consignment and resell stores in Vancouver and see which service would better suit your personal reselling needs.