Local Artist Holiday Pop-up - Krampus at Rewind Resale

Local Artist Holiday Pop-up - Krampus at Rewind Resale

There's no doubt that generating sales as an artist is hard, let alone generating a livable income in one of the most expensive cities in the entire freaking world that is Vancouver. So, this holiday season our mission is to give a helping hand and we (as in "us" as in us and you) are holding a holiday pop-up shop to support the local artist community! We have such a hot, sexy, and cool line-up of talented artists offering the perfect gifts for you loved one's this holiday season. Find custom jewelry, custom 1 of 1 clothes, art prints and handmade beauty products all available at our Main Street location December 16-18th. Only for a limited time!
Now, enough about us and this krampy krampus pop-up, let's talk about them! Keep reading as we meet our sellers and artists, delving into their inspiration, aspirations, and identity.


Photo of Sheldon wearing Sheldon pearls taken by Simone Chnarakis

Photo by: Simone Chnarakis

"I started making jewelry in summer 2021! It started as a fun activity to do with friends and create stuff together.
Inspiration for most of my designs is just trying to create, or recreate certain shapes and visual symbols using mixes of different pearls and beads. I make jewelry for anybody who is a creative! My favourite thing ever is to see people performing or making their own art while wearing my jewelry. In the future I plan on doing what i'm doing right now, keeping my business small but continuing to create new designs and hopefully reaching more people who like my art. I also plan on collaborating with friends of mine very soon to make some fun accessories."



Photo by: Bali Chu-Mehrer

"The first piece of jewelry I made was a pair of earrings when I was around 8 years old. My mom would always get me these little jewelry making kits and I loved it so much. At the beginning of 2019 during lockdown I picked it up again as a hobby. I draw inspiration from every part of my life - nature, friendships, tattoos, childhood, movies. I make my jewelry for anyone and everyone who enjoys it. I love seeing my friends wear my art and collaborating with other local artists. In the future I hope to grow my small business and see my art and skills grow along with it."



"Yellow Dream Sand is the literal translation of my Chinese name. The word 'Dream' has been stuck with me my whole life, and my dreams or memories inspired every piece I created for YDS (Each piece has its own name!). The combination of words and beads can evoke many interpretations, and I hope they bring happy experiences to every owner of my creations. In real life, I am a branding designer and art director who's been in the industry for over a decade, involved in a myriad of commercial projects, from real estate to beauty products, fitness to F&B… even infant milk formula! The pandemic has given me a lot of time to stay home and daydream. And along the way, I realized I needed to find a new creative outlet, something I could make with my own hands instead of a computer, and thus the birth of this little fantasy—Yellow Dream Sand, in 2019. For now, it's only jewelry, but like the capriciousness of a good dream, who knows what other wonders the future will hold—So, stay tuned!"



 "Alexis and Mixed Media is a creation with intent of personal expression and liberation, for myself and you. Every piece I create is one of a kind, using sustainable materials. My creations are much influenced by my fascination with the translations between nature and technology. I started making garments in highschool and jewelry during lockdown. At the time I had so much time to experiment with all the mediums. Initially I wanted my line to be more focused on garments but I fell in love with expressing myself through jewelry. Now, my line flows through the mediums. Which truly makes the most sense for me, being Alexis and Mixed Media and all. The future of my work has a lot of dreams tied to it. Im excited to learn and grow through this & I’m lucky there are people supporting me doing so"



"I’ve been making clothes since I was a little kid, my mom used to give me scrap fabric to play with while she would make dolls. So I started from a really young age. I have been running my business now as it is for about 5 years though. I originally learnt from my mom and my nana. After playing around with the skills I had for so long I eventually took the fashion design program at Blanche macdonald, which really solidified my technical knowledge so I could be confident producing pieces designed with bodies in mind, and techniques that were built to last. I started as a form of art therapy while I was going to school for business and marketing. I was spending all my free time making clothing after doing all my homework so it progressed from there. I usually like to find inspiration from abstract concepts. My last collection was inspired by shadow demons, I’ve done one inspired by sleaze culture, one by metalocolypse. I am inspired a lot by draping so I often just play with fabric and pin and drape it until an idea comes to mind. My clothes are made for people who would rather be naked. Quite honestly I’ve done this as a passion, so I have no real idea of where it will be in the future. My purpose is to enjoy my days and what I do and my business will follow wherever that leads me. I would love to be taking on more larger scale projects in the future doing more bridal and stage pieces. Some of my favourite pieces I have made have been of darker origins. When thing have happened these past few years that I’m not ready to face or grieve, I like to go into the studio and create free form with no plan. I just turn my brain off and I follow every instinct I get.  Here’s some photos of my fav pieces."



Jackson Lee

"I started making clothes in 2018 when I began my fashion design diploma! My fashion design program taught me everything I know from sewing to pattern making. I always felt like the clothes I tried on weren’t really fitting the way I wanted too so I decided to start making my own! I find inspiration mostly from futuristic movies and shows but also keeping it classy and timeless for everyday use! I make clothes for people that are always on the go, still wanting to look stylish but still functional. In the future I hope to have a solid online business, maybe a section in a luxury department store or even having my own store!
My favourite piece I ever made is the two toned double lapel tactical trench coat for my collection Disaster Warfare F/W 22 showcased in VFW."




"I began making prints of my work around 4 years ago, when a friend told me they were interested in buying a print of one of my originals! My inspiration comes from many places, but mainly my experiences and emotions. I use art as a way to retell and depict my life. For me, art pieces are an outlet to say something in a visual way. The pieces express something to me, but everyone takes their own meaning from it, which is one of my favourite things about art. Also, nature and vivid colours always inspire me to create. Pieces of nature are frequent images in my work, including stars, flowers and the sky. Pencil crayon, oil and acrylic paints and markers are what I frequently use. But in particular, I love using pastels. Pastels allow me to let go of perfectionism, draw freely and enjoy the process. The bright colours and my messy application of it makes it fun and imaginative. I see my art transforming and growing with me. I love trying out new mediums, and often doing something new in each piece. I’m not sure what will inspire me in the future, or where my art will take me, but I hope to keep creating, sharing my art as well as connecting with other artists. My favourite piece of mine is titled “Life’s a Trip!” (8x10, acrylic). The image depicts a swirl of bright colours, with two angel wings on each side. If you look a little longer, you might see two figures hugging, one profile and one straight on. The night sky surrounds them. Within that, it says “tRip”. They sit on a bed of clouds, and under that, there is a wave, a fish, and a string of roses. It is dreamlike and emotionally charged. The piece is dedicated to my brother and nan, who passed away four years ago. It’s a very special piece to me, and it was a gift to my mother."

We are so psyched about hosting these creative people in our store next weekend! Come stop by, support local art and the absolute perfect gift.



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