Music, Fashion, and Art with Ari James

Music, Fashion, and Art with Ari James

There's no doubt that Vancouver is only growing in terms of culture and its artist community is growing in conjunction with such a pool fool of colourful creative expression and unwavering talent. We sit down with local vancouver artist Ari James as we venture into discussing the community, fashion and personal inspiration in his art.

Introduce yourself and what you do.

My name is Ari James and I'm an artist focusing on music, painting, and animation

When did you start making music?

Last couple of years in high school I met some kids who were messing around with a music program. I learned from them and proceeded to get obsessed with it, I ended up losing some of those friends because I was "spending too much time making music". Weirdos.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe it as a personal blend of pop, rock, and soul. I would also describe it as adolescent, even though I've been doing this for almost a decade I still feel like I'm at the beginning of something. I told a friend just last year it took 10 years for my music career to feel like it's started.

Has the music you’ve produced changed over the years?
For the outside listener they would hear some of the older electronic music I used to produce and see a wild difference between that and the music I release now, but for me it all has a similar feeling, like a piece of me is visible in every song or style I've done. 

What are the main influences of your music? (Other music artists, instruments, emotions)
Definitely the relationships I have and have had in my life- with people, addiction, passions, and myself. We all see the world through our own stained glass window, I like to put what I see into some sort of art. Other art forms heavily influence me as well: painting, architecture, movies. 

How do you balance everyday life and creating?
A mix of discipline and spontaneity. An idea uncaptured is a great loss, you gotta be able to be both well structured and chaotically unconstrained.

Describe the music scene in Vancouver. Has it changed over the years?
There is definitely a lovely community of artists here who look out for each other and show love, I don't know if I could describe a "scene" though, but maybe I'm just not part of it. When I first moved to the city, Chapel Sound was the epitome of community, vying, and opportunity. Gone are the days where we head to a local venue for inspiration and community, nowadays the internet is our venue.
What are your future aspirations with your music?
Definitely a tour. I would also love to score music for a cartoon one day.
In your opinion what music artist has the best fashion?
Tyler, the Creator for me.

Do you find style and fashion important in music and performances?
Absolutely, not only is music the product you are selling but YOU are too. Plus the outfit you're wearing allows you to embrace your artistry more, same what with acting and getting into a character. I'm certain Elton John felt a lot more intrepid in feathers.

How would you describe your style?
“That guy is definitely an artist."
What are your everyday essential pieces of clothing? (If you have pictures of them that would be great)
Rings. Pants that feel good.
What would be your ideal outfit when performing?
Honestly just something custom made, baggy, colourful. I'd really like to wear a Rachel Sudbury piece. 
Where do you dream of performing?
New York!
You can find Ari's music on Spotify! Blast your new fav bedroom pop bops!
All editorial photos shot and styled by Rewind Resale.
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