Rewind Resale Artist Capsule: Loosends by Ben Tracz

Artist Capsule: Loosends by Ben Tracz

Artist Capsule: Loosends by Ben Tracz
Starting June 1st Rewind Resale hosts Loosends, custom hand-crochet at knitwear by local artist Ben Tracz.
We spoke with Ben to better get acquainted them and their brand Loosends.
Introduce yourself.
"My name is Bennett Tracz (they/them). I am a queer artist born and raised on the Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations, outside of so-called “Toronto”. Since 2020 I have lived and created in so-called “Vancouver”. In addition to owning LOOSENDS, I am also an emerging dance artist in the city. I enjoy immersing myself in the arts, and connecting myself with the queer community."
How do you source your materials for creating?
"I love getting creative! Finding yarn second-hand at thrift stores, from friends, or local craft shops. I love to give yarn a new life. Of course, building consistency means sourcing materials through larger retailers as well, but looking forward, I want to crochet using unconventional second-hand materials. Denim, t-shirts, string, etc."
How did Loosends start?
"I began crocheting during lockdown! Stuck in my room with nothing but my mom’s old crochet hook and some scrap yarn, I went to Youtube and learned from there. I began LOOSENDS in February of 2022 with my friend as a way for us to bond while making money together. Fast forward a year and a half later, my passion project has turned into a small business!"
What’s your goal with loosends?
"My goal with LOOSENDS is to create sustainable statement pieces that anyone can add to their capsule wardrobe. By using quality materials and handcrafting each piece with care, I strive to make LOOSENDS a distinguished brand for everyone to enjoy."
Do you have any advice for others wanting to turn a passionate hobby into a business?
"I remember my hesitations: Is there any interest? Am I good enough? That won’t go away. Just take your first steps and go from there. By making deadlines for yourself, you force a readiness and a sense of arrival to your potential. When I sold at my first market, the push I felt to meet my own expectations allowed my business and I to grow exponentially!"
"Thank you to all of my friend and family for your support."
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