Marilyn, a Consign-Rewind featured model ambassador
Who are you now?

...a woman in her 60's! I let my been there, done that attitude bring me a renewed confidence to my wardrobe! Still willing to rock it with reason!

Who were you then?

... a young girl from the UK growing up in the 60's! A bit rebellious perhaps - didn't really feel attached to mainstream - was drawn to clothes out of a desire to be myself and stand alone!

What inspired you?

The things happening around me. After Minis and Mod, I lived on the King's Road in London during the punk explosion... what an exciting experiment of style!

Bianca, a Consign-Rewind featured model ambassador
Your wardrobe has too many...?

Tights! Generally though, I don't keep what I don't wear.

Too few?

Smart, casual clothing .And active wear. I would much rather look for dresses!

What inspires you to dress the way you do?

60's cinema and fashion! Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot...Courreges, Yves Saint Laurent, Pucci... It was a time of ease, beauty, and elegance!

Who influences you to dress the way you do?

My family. I grew up surrounded by people who loved design. My parents taught me less is more - out of their love of mid-century design. I had an aunt, Tante Nana, who was a high fashion couturiere. She would cut out all the Dior looks from the magazines. He is the saviour of French fashion, she’d say.