Rewind Resale introduces a new loyalty reward program for the Rewind Resale community.  After signing up for a Rewind Resale shopping account, the Rewind Rewards Club is unlocked. Members of the Rewind Rewards Club receive 250 Reward Points right from the start, and can easily accumulate points with each dollar spent when shopping online or at our Main Street location. Shoppers can also earn points by friend referrals, and even engaging on social media platforms! 

Our mission with this new incentive is to make saving easy, nurture a community of beautifully sexy, stylish people, and create an exciting and enticing shopping experience with Rewind Resale. Here is a little rundown to show how simple and straight forward it is to save with Rewind Rewards after joining the Club!

Method 1: Shopping

Each Dollar = 5 Rewind Reward Points

1,000 Rewind Reward points = $10 (Minimum amount to redeem)

Method 2: Social Media Interactions 

This includes, following, sharing, and liking us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

50 Rewind Reward Points each.

Method 3: Referring Friends (applicable online only)

Whomever received the referral - $5 off of minimum $50 purchase.

Whomever sent the referral - $10 off of minimum $50 purchase. 

Valid after referral has made a purchase.

What's even more delicious is that these points will never expire as long as you have your account. What does this mean? It means you have options! You have the option to redeem it right at 1,000 Rewind Reward Points, or, if you're someone with outstanding self control, save it for a big thrift haul. Better yet, you can even save your points and redeem them for an item you've been absolutely dying to get your hands on for an even better price! (That is if someone else doesn't beat you to it.)

Well then... Why are you still here, babe?
Sign up now and have your account ready to earn some points!

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